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The Crystal Palace Sydenham
The Fountains at the Crystal Palace - London
The Lily Lake in the Crystal Palace - London
Egyptian Court, Crystal Palace
Colossal Egyptian Figures in Crystal Palace
Egyptian Architecture, Crystal Palace - Sydenham
3718 L. Europe,Prince Albert, Londres
3720 L. Afrique, Londres
Albert Memorial - Manufactures - H Weekes
The Tower of London. London.
The White Tower from the S. E. Tower of London
Devereaux Tower - Tower of London
Bell Tower - Tower of London
The Crown Jewels of Britain - Tower of London
Traitor's Gate - Tower of London
Westminster Abbey - London
Westminster Abbey - London
Westminster Hall - London
Westminster Abbey
Queen Elizabeth Tomb - Westminster Abbey - London
James Watts Monument - Westminister Abbey
The Nightingale family tomb - Westminster Abbey
Monument of Major Andre - Westminster Abbey
Parliament House - London, England
Victoria Tower - London
Parliament House - London
Interior Doorway in House of Parliament - London
Church of St. Mary - York - England
Gog and Magog image in the Guildhall - London
Nave of St Paul's - London
Parish Church in which Shakespear is burried - Stratforn on Avon
Church at Stratford -Showing Monument & Grave of Shakespear
Bust of Shakespear near his grave - Stratford on Avon - England
Charing Cross - London
Waterloo Bridge - Panorama of London - from Charing Cross
Copyrighted A. D. 1882
St. Paul's Cathedral  (slide labeled - copyrighted A. D. 1882)
Tabernacle of Rev Spurgeon - London
Interior of C. H. Spurgeon's Church - London
Warrick Castle - The River Front - Warrick England
The Coronation Chair, Westminster Abbey
London Bridge - From the River
The British Museum - London
Smithfield Market - London
Old Bailey - Newgate - London
Temple Bar - London 
(Dismantled 1878)
Watching Punch and Judy Show
Detective "Hasting" ???
Little Jane's Cottage - Brading - Isle of Wight

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